Active Business Loans

was founded with the sole purpose of helping business acquire the funding and financing options they need to succeed.  Utilizing private lenders, national banks and private investors we can take each scenario and make a case for difficult situations – unsecured start up loans, private business loans, medical working capital, construction equipment loans and more. When the banks say no, we look for ways to say yes!

About Acitve Business Loans Service in Cleveland, Ohio



At Active Business Loans we have the solution for almost all of your financial needs. We can offer different types of financing to individuals with small and medium size businesses. The goal is to get the client the best type of financing for their needs by going through a series of questions and leading them through the process in a short period of time.


Private Business Loans Nationwide

Located in the Cleveland, Ohio area, Active Business Loans secures financing for businesses across the U.S. Our business loan advocates work with businesses and organizations like yours to secure financing through our exclusive network of national lenders, private lenders and individual investors. Meaning, we have organized hundreds of lending institutions and private investors who are looking to invest in businesses like yours in order to offer thousands of loan programs to people like you. Not only can we quickly get your business funded for a very streamlined, low-risk loan at an extremely competitive interest rate, we can also secure business financing for high-risk businesses that might have little to no collateral, lower credit scores or another set of circumstances that has been met with a previous loan denial.  If you have been turned down by a bank, or don’t find their terms agreeable, Active Business Loans specializes in making a case for your unique business loan scenario.


Business Loans: Investment Property, Start-Ups, Business Acquisition, Working Capital, Equipment, Etc.

We offer a variety of business loan programs to accommodate your financial objectives with loans ranging from $5,000 to $20 million.  And although we use the term “business loans” many of our clients would fall outside of the general definition. We provide loans to individuals looking to invest in real estate, we secure substantial financing for churches and non-profit organizations, and we even provide doctors and other medical professionals with the working capital they need to start a practice or keep one running. So when we say we specialize in business loans we’re referring to funding all your business activities. If the loan we help to facilitate for you is going to help you make money or operate a business, then we have a business loan for you.


Choosing a Business Loan Expert

When it comes to finding a loan for your business, whether you’re investing in real estate, starting-up a business, acquiring a new business, buying a franchise, purchasing equipment, need working capital or are in need of financing to keep your church running, you typically have three options:

1. Your Local Bank. Starting at your local bank is a great first step. They’re usually very informative and low-pressure. However, their lending requirements are also very strict and if you have one thing about your business that raises an eye brow, be prepared to get your request denied. But don’t let it discourage you. They keep very little capital available for commercial investments and can be super exclusive to who they’ll lend to. That doesn’t mean you’re out of options!

2. Online Application. We heavily discourage you from clicking on the first Google search results and filling out online applications. Heavily discourage. The vast majority of those companies have paid up to $200 per click to be at the top of those results. Their objective is to get as many business loan applications online that they can in order to sell those applications to the highest bidders. This means your personal and business information is going out to multiple companies, generating multiple credit pulls and multiple phone calls and solicitations. Many of these individuals use unethical, bait and switch practices and make false promises while you’re left to stress about who’s telling the truth and if the loan will get funded. Arghhh. Not worth the hassle!

3. Active Business Loans. At Active Business Loans we don’t sell your information. It’s our objective to learn as much about your business and your business loan needs as possible before we present your case to either a national lender, a private lender or an individual investor. Depending on what loan type, loan amount and loan terms you’re looking for will justify who we pursue for your business loan financing. We are your business loan advocate the entire time. From application to funding we work with the lender and their underwriting team to put together a file that will get you the financing you need for your business.


Overwhelmed with all the business loan jargon? Worried if you are in over your head? Relax. We’ve got you covered. Read through some of our Frequently Asked Questions to set your mind at ease, or just wait for our call.

SBA Loans

Do you run a small business or even a home-based business? Unlock your business’ potential with an SBA loan. Many small businesses can qualify for an SBA Guaranteed Loan. Learn more about the benefits and features.

Construction Equipment

Looking for construction or manufacturing equipment? We have a number of construction equipment financing options & work with private lenders so when your business doesn’t fit the typical mold, we can still help.


Church Financing

Does your church need a loan? Maybe it’s for equipment or typical running expenses. We can help. We have many options for new and existing churches to obtain financing for a wide array of reasons.