Start Up Financing

These days it is virtually impossible for someone who wants to start a business for the first time to get any financing.  Banks and financial institutions have been declining start-ups the last few years because of the record amount of defaults.  The enormous quantity of loans has been has created a lower amount of money left in the reserve.  Experience in business and a history in a business is not necessary in starting a business.  Unsecured Business Financing and Investment Funds can be used for starting a business.  A combination of both can also be applied.


Unsecured Business Financing

  • Credit score – 650+
  • Revolving Credit Line
  • No Bankruptcies, Judgements, or Collections
  • Approval: 24-48 hours
  • No Financial or Income Documentation
  • Credit Report is required
  • Funding Range: $20,000-$150,000


Investment Funds

  • Any type of Retirement account can be used to start a business
  • $35,000+ Assets
  • A previous employers retirement plan can be used
  • No penalties or taxable distributions
  • Contributions have no limit
  • Free 5 year consultation

SBA Loans can be used for Start-Up Companies under certain circumstances.