Start Up Financing

Launching a new business is exciting – but it can be scary, too. Start-ups need capital to get their businesses off the ground, taking care of things like:

  • Buying or renting a space for the business
  • Hiring staff or consultants
  • Acquiring new equipment or supplies
  • Building a new website and beginning online marketing
  • Creating new products or services

Active Business Loans can help first-time businesses get started in the right direction. These days, it’s virtually impossible for someone who wants to start a business for the first time to get any financing.  Banks and financial institutions have been declining start-up loans the last few years because of the record-high number of failed businesses and defaulted loans. The enormous quantity of lending in years past has created a lower amount of money left in the reserve.

Alternatives to Traditional Financing

Unsecured business financing and investment funds are a great alternative to a traditional bank loan. Business lines of credit, business credit cards, and personal credit loans are also options. One of these solutions, or several in combination, can be used for starting a new business.

Unsecured Financing

Active Business Loans teams up with a trusted financial agency for start-up financing. We have financed many first-time entrepreneurs.

Here’s a list of individual requirements for unsecured financing:

  • 680+ FICO credit scores
  • No bad credit marks within 6 months
  • No judgements, collections, or tax liens
  • No Bankruptcies reported
  • At least $2000 credit line Limited recent credit inquiries
  • Reasonable credit debt ratios

Business Credit Cards

  • Promotional rates of 0-3% first 3-18 months
  • 7.9%-19.9% Regular Annual Percentage Rate
  • Rates vary based on economic conditions, market changes, etc.

Business Lines of Credit

  • Business Growth up to $200,000
  • Only pay interest on funds you use
  • Does not hurt personal credit
  • Easy to qualify
  • 2-day approvals
  • Funding as fast as 10 days

Personal Credit Loans

  • Based on credit score and personal income
  • Starts at $20,000
  • 3,5, and 7-year terms at low interest rates
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