Church Loans

Church Loan Service Cleveland, OH

When churches need capital to expand their ministry work and navigate the challenges that come with that work, Active Business Loans is THE place to start! We provide guidance concerning any church equipment (pianos, sound equipment, computers, pews, etc.) loan, and church construction/refinancing loans.

Church LoansWe understand that churches are funded by tithing and donations only so they are at the mercy of their congregation’s generosity and ability to provide funds. We know that operating expenses, cash flow, debts (including mortgages) and staff expenses are all concerns of church operations that must be managed well.

When growth requires expansion we have specialized contacts with lenders with architectural & construction focus. We can help you get financed properly, for the particular needs of your Church Loan.

When it comes to office fixtures, computers, furniture, lighting, music & sound equipment needs our special lenders understand!


We Tackle the financing challenges of typical, traditional Church Loans:

  • Excellent Documentation of a church’s financial operations
  • Church properties are unique and traditional banks are apprehensive to provide loans
  • Individual guarantors are not required for long term refinancing
  • Difficult business finance terms such as very small loans, low loan-to-value (LTV) of 50% to 60%, short-term loans and high interest rates
  • Construction, renovations and land acquisitions are more difficult for churches to finance than purchases or refinancing

Church LoansWhile we can’t guarantee a church loan success every time, we do know the very best options available in the traditional and non-traditional financing arenas, as proven by the statistics below:

  • 94% Non-Traditional Approval Rate
  • Low Rates
  • Minimum $10,000 Loan
  • Loan Processing within 5 days
  • Build a Line of Credit while taking up to 60 months to pay
  • Start-Ups, Newer, and Established Churches
  • One Page Questionnaire

Church Construction & Refinancing

  • Financing starts at New Construction, Buying another building or church, or Refinancing
  • Low Interest with a Fixed Rate
  • 20-25 year term or Short-Term Loan
  • Refinancing can start at $350,000
  • Long Term Financing starts at $500,000
  • Construction Financing starts at $500,000 and goes into the millions of dollars
  • The Construction Loan works in conjunction with church architects, construction professionals, and capital campaign advisors to help your church meet its goals