Construction Company Loans

Construction companies can run into issues when their funds are tied up in receivables. Waiting up to 120-days to be paid in full can be a very difficult proposition. Many times, a construction loan is the right solution for construction companies and contractors to overcome a lack of cash flow in order to fix their equipment, pay their workers, or finance future projects.

We Offer the Best Selection of Lenders

At Active Business Loans, we work with an excellent collection of highly rated lenders that understand the special nuances for construction company loans. We can provide the best opportunities to achieve loans starting at $20,000. Our lenders understand concerns with the seasonal nature of the industry and the effects weather can have on cash flow. The Active Business Loans team, and our lending partners, appreciate that working capital is essential to support vital issues such as building material purchases and labor expenses. We work diligently to coordinate traditional loans and conventional financing whenever possible to meet your borrowing needs. When the traditional route is not an option, we will present alternatives such as factoring or bridge loans.

Your Time is Valuable

We put a high priority on timeliness, and we work to expedite each loan’s processing with our lenders.  This put you in a position for quick turnaround, allowing you to obtain your loan capital in the shortest time span possible. Once you provide the basic information our lenders review your business performance to give you access to the funding you need. We help you navigate through the red tape in the shortest time possible.

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

At Active Business Loans we understand that maintaining your business volume is important. But equally important is increased profits and business growth. We’re here to help you achieve both!

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