Investment Property Loans – Multi Family, Apartment, Office, Mixed-Use

Congratulations! Either you’re getting into investing in property for the first time or you’ve made yourself a business from rehabbing property, renting out residential and commercial property or you own commercial real estate you’re ready to leverage for more business growth and expansion. Whatever your need, we know that real estate can be an exciting venture for entrepreneurs and business owners like you and we look forward to helping you secure the financing you need for your next investment!

Investment Property Loans: Private Investors & Low Credit Scores

You may be doing research now to save yourself some time and not deal with a ton of mortgage brokers and sales people. We get that. And it’s smart. You don’t want to explain your unique lending scenario to every lender under the sun, have them pull your credit, run the numbers, shop it out to more lenders under the sun and all the while the clock is ticking and your business venture isn’t moving forward.  However, we work with so many private investors and national loan companies that we couldn’t possibly provide a real-time, comprehensive list of all our investment property loan information on our site, and we do encourage you to call our loan advocates in order to give us your unique situation that we can quickly make a yes or no determination on without a full application and credit report.

We’ll simply check your investment property loan type, your cash-out or purchase needs and all the other unique variables that make your loan special against the underwriting guidelines we’re working with now and tell you if it makes sense to proceed to the loan application process.  Once we do, at Active Business Loans we provide you with 24 – 48 hour initial approvals, so you can rest assured knowing your next business venture is on its way!

Investment Property Types

Residential Property:
– Non-owner Occupied Real Estate
– Owner Occupied Real Estate
– Rehab (Flipping)
– Multi-family
– 1-4 Family Units

Commercial Property:
– Apartment Complex
– Office Space
– Retail Building
– Warehouse
– Mixed-Use Property


Investment Property Loan Features

Please remember each loan is unique and whether you determine a cash-out, purchase, line of credit, refinance or rehab loan will change the feature of that particular investment property loan. However, if any of these are important to you, or you’ve been turned-down because you didn’t meet a more strict requirement, we have the investment loan that will likely work for you:

Credit Scores As Low as 500 FICO
Long Term & Short Term Financing
24 to 48 Hour Approvals
$15,000 to Over $5 Million Loan Size
Close in Two to Three Weeks
Unrestricted Cash-Outs
Fixed & Variable Interest Rates
Financing for New Construction
Financing for Remodeling
Purchase & Re-Finances

Loan Types

  • Purchase Loans
  • Refinance Loans
  • New Construction Loan
  • Rehab or Remodeling Loan
  • Land Development Loans
  • Bridge Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Cash Advances

Investment Loans Ideal For

– Property Investors
– House Flipping
– Real Estate Investors
– Commercial Contractors
– Property Developers
– Small Business Owners


Most Common Real Estate Investment Loans

So whether you already have multiple properties or this is your first step into property investing, let us walk you through the process. With unparalleled access to national private investors and large financial institutions across the US we are sure to find a fit to help fund your real estate investments.  Although many customers fit into one of our common investment property loans, we make it our business to find the right funding for your business!

The most common types of residential housing are the 1-4 family units and apartments. We can obtain funding for short-term and long-term loans ranging from $50,000 to $20 million to non-owner occupied residential and commercial properties, provide bridge loans, and finance real estate-backed lines of credit.  We service real estate investors, commercial contractors, developers, and small business owners throughout the country.  The four types of loans are the purchasing and/or rehab of non-owner occupied (NOO) residential properties, real estate investors who are looking to buy and hold properties (NOO), short-term financing of commercial properties (NOO warehouses, offices, apartment complexes), and land development loans.  Financing for new construction or remodeling is included in the financing.

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